Die Casting

High-quality Die Casting

Furthermore with rapid developments in technology, KING HWA SIN's latest die casting are made using meticulous production processes to ensure compliance with the highest standards. If you need high performance machinery to meet all of your machining needs, then the machines from KING HWA SIN will surely impress you. Take the word of clients from all over the world who can attest to the exceptional quality and performance of our die casting.


Aluminum is the most common material used for die casting, it's light, having high intensity and excellent corrosion resistance, it also less sand hole and the surface of product is very smooth. Thus, it has been widely used in various fields.

The latest series of die casting have incorporated the very latest machine tool technologies:

  • Extremely rigid structure.
  • High precision components.
  • High levels of customer service.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other parts and components.

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