Aluminum Car Rims

World Class Automotive Parts

KING HWA SIN is now excelling in the manufacture of industry leading aluminum car rims, car forged wheels, automotive rims, scooter rims, ATV rims and related automotive parts. Their latest designs incorporate very innovative features that make their machines some of the most impressive on the market. With a advanced structural rigidity and efficiency design, our aluminum car rims and related automotive parts really are powering the production of the world's leading manufacturers.


KING HWA SIN is fully prepared for any challenge. We are very dedicated in product designing, and due to our long term experience in development, we are proud to say we produce high precision mold. We use high accuracy instruments to do data analysis; this allows us to have a very substantial understanding of the relations between mold and product, which also enables us to continuously improve our products.

The latest series of die casting have incorporated the very latest machine tool technologies:

  • Extremely rigid structure.
  • High precision machining.
  • Superior Efficiency Design
  • High levels of customer service.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other parts and components.


The first step in the stamping process is to make sure the products go though precise measurement, once our mold design department receives the measurement; they can design an even more precise product shape.
KING HWA SIN has a fully complete range of latest stamping machines, and product quality is definitely guaranteed.

Precision Requirements